Red noses in FISZ


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École française - francuska škola - Zagreb

École primaire

Ecole française internationale de Zagreb / Francuska Međunarodna škola u Zagrebu / French International School in Zagreb Établissement d'enseignement français à l'étranger.

École française - francuska škola - Zagreb

Technology class -- In order to calculate the speed of a vehicle, pupils from 8th & 9th grades created a simple computer program using the software MakeCode in order to program the micro:bit card.

Technologie. Pour calculer la vitesse d’un véhicule, les élèves de 4ème et de 3ème ont créé un petit programme avec le logiciel MakeCode pour la carte programmable Micro:bit.

École française - francuska škola - Zagreb

Movie project between French & German schools.

Throughout the activities, pupils talked about the topics such as friendship, bullying and accepting the differences between them.

The aim of the project was to understand the consequences of bullying, to know how to respond and ask for help and to spread the kind word among each other.