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School management

FISZ is a not-for-profit private educational institution registered under Croatian law where 100% of your tuition fees directly impact students learning.

It is led and managed directly by the school parents via its Parents’ Association “The Association for the Development and Support of the French School in Zagreb”. The Association is a non-profit organisation also registered under Croatian law, to which the administrative and financial management of the school is entrusted. At FISZ, ultimately, it is the parents who make the school and who retain full control over its decision-making, strategy and development.
The school also operates under contract with the AEFE, the Agency for French Education Abroad, which guarantees its compliance with the rules, regulations and expectations of the French Ministry of Education and provides expert support in many areas. In particular the AEFE appoints and remunerates the school’s Principal to whom is entrusted the pedagogical and educational leadershipof the school as well as its daily supervision.
This flexibility and triple combination of assets of being an independent private institution, associatively led by its members, receiving the backing in expertise and resources of the French State via the AEFE account in great part for the success of our school.
The school is always on the lookout for new parent volunteers to join its managerial structure and welcomes all applications.

The Association for the Development and Support of the French School in Zagreb

Mission and objectives
The mission of the Association is to manage the school administratively and financially so as ensure its best promotion and development.
All parents of the children enrolled at the school automatically become members of the Association and remain so for the duration of their child’s time at the school. All parents without exception are thus invited to and can take part in the decisions concerning the development of the school according to the decision-making process laid out in the statutes of the Association.
Decision-making bodies of the Association
The Association comprises of two decision-making bodies: the General Assembly of the Members that proposes ideas and projects for the development of the school and the Management Committee, a smaller elected body that executes the decisions of the General Assembly.

The General Assembly

The General Assembly leads and controls the Association. It has sole but non exhaustive competency to
– approve the statutes of the Association
– elect and appoint the members of the Management Committee
– approve the President’s annual report on the activities of the Association
– take any decision on the actions of the Association
The General Assembly meets at least once a year in an Annual General Meeting.

The Management Committee

The Management Committee is the executive body of the Association. In practice the Management Committee is entrusted with the daily administrative and financial management of the school. This is done in close collaboration with the school’s Principal to whom is entrusted the pedagogical responsibility of the school.
The Management Committee is composed of at least three members, these being the President, the Secretary and the Treasurer, always amounting to an odd number.
The members of the Management Committee are elected by the General Assembly for a term of two years, renewable.
Role of the Management Committee:
  • Manage the school’s finances by proposing the budget, controlling the accounting, insuring the school etc.
  • Plan and manage the school’s resources
  • Operate as an employer for the teaching and administrative staff of the school
  • Coordinate the management of the Eurocampus with its German counterpart
In other words, the Management Committee is responsible for managing the human resources of the school, devising and implementing its budget, and generally undertake all activities necessary for the healthy operation of the school.

Current Management Committee members

Name Title
Mrs Anne Feron President
Mr Paul Georis Secretary
Mr Christophe Gadrey Treasurer
Mr Divko Budak Active member
Mr Eric Ranjeva Active member
The following persons also attend the meetings of the Management Committee, but do not have voting rights.
Name Title
Mrs Catherine Fronsacq School Principal and AEFE representative
Mr Guillaume Colin Cooperation and Cultural Counsellor of the French Embassy
Mrs Martine Manavella Linguistic and Educative attache of the French Embassy
To contact the Management Committee, please write to stating your name and the object of your enquiry.

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