Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the majority of students French?
No. Our student body is made up of a very diverse set of children from approximately 25 countries. In fact, only blank 30% are native speakers of French. A growing number of Croatian children are part of our school community (currently half the student body).

2. Is it possible for my child to join a Croatian public school if they first attend the French school?
Yes. This transition has been very successful for the few students that have left for public options in Croatia.

3. Will my child have any classes in their native language?
Yes. Beginning in kindergarten, both Croatian and English classes are provided. As children enter 1st grade and beyond, the school follows the official Croatian language curriculum. In addition, non-native Croatian speakers have the ability to pursue Croatian as a foreign language. English instruction continues through every grade. In Year 6, all students join the British International Section.

4. Will my child learn to speak English?
Definitely. See response above for more details.

5. As a parent, I don’t speak Croatian or French – how will I keep up with school activities?
English is actually the common language our school given the diversity of families. It is used in all significant communications to the larger school community. If interested, we do offer French classes for parents.

6. We are a non-native French speaking household or don’t speak French at all. How will we help our child with homework?
Many successful students come from similar households. In a very short time, children become bilingual. Classes are small and there is tremendous support from our teaching staff that enables students to complete their work and achieve at a high level without parent involvement.

7. What is the tuition for the school?
Our fees are available here and reflect the varying cost of activities for each grade level. As a non-profit institution, our fees also reflect our dedication to providing a wider community access to our school.

8. Where is the school located?
The school is located in the Remete neighborhood of Zagreb – across from a vineyard (how French!) and set amidst green hills and plenty of trees. Numerous studies have shown the huge benefit nature has on children – helping reduce their stress and increasing their happiness and creativity.

9. Can I speak with other parents about the school?
Absolutely. We have plenty of families who are very happy to share their experiences with our school and ready to speak with you.